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The NotReady error is infamous for either being super easy to fix, or an absolute nightmare. More often than not, disabling Windows’ Memory Integrity feature, then reinstalling the Kinect SDK is enough. But sometimes, we just never manage to fix it.

Reinstalling the Kinect SDK

Let’s go through this circus shall we?


Go to Windows Settings, then apps and features. Open Apps and Features

In the right-hand search box, type “kinect” (without quotes).

On Windows 10:
Click each item, then click Uninstall. Follow the instructions.

On Windows 11:
Click on the three dots on the right edge of each item, then click Uninstall. Follow the instructions.

Disabling Memory Integrity

Go to Core Isolation on Windows Security

Open Windows Security.

Go to Device Security.

Under Core Isolation click on Core Isolation Details.
Make sure that Memory Integrity is turned off.


Once the SDK is completely removed, re-install it using Amethyst installer. Not on your own. We don’t trust you. We don’t trust Microsoft. And we’ve had enough of this shit.