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This error usually has two possible causes.

Fixing the device installation bug


When using Amethyst Installer

If you used Amethyst Installer, it already attempted to fix this.

Open Device Manager, you can do so by right-clicking on the Start Menu button. right-clicking on start In Device Manager, locate the Other Devices category and extend it. In there you should see up to 3 of the following devices:

For each of them, right-click, then Uninstall device then OK.

Don't uninstall anything else!

The Other Devices category may contain devices unrelated to Kinect. Only uninstall devices matching the list above!

Finally, right-click on any device, then Scan for hardware changes .
Video instructions

Nothing appears in “Other Devices”

First, check that your adapter is getting power. There should be a light either where the Kinect plugs in, or on the part that plugs into the wall. 360 adapter light placement If you don’t see any light. Try connecting it to a different outlet, but you probably have a faulty/broken adapter.

What now?

If you just purchased the adapter, try returning it or asking for a refund if possible. Then get another adapter from a recommended source.