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About the transition to Amethyst

An introduction

It’s been two years since we last updated K2EX. Since then, we’ve been working on a new app named Amethyst.

Because it’s so old, and Amethyst fixes basically every issue with it, we want to get everyone transitioned over.

Boring crap you don't care about
K2EX was built on the original codebase of KinectToVR. While we spent a long time fixing bugs, and improving it. At their core, KinectToVR and K2EX, were built on a hardcoded shell, with a lot of dependencies on libraries we didn’t wish to continue using, like SFML and Boost.

Amethyst is built with all the latest technologies, a fancy new user interface, and everything we’ve learned from the past. It’s made to be stable, reliable, and modular, both in code and for the user. You can extend its device support and functionality with your own plugins.

What to expect

comparison of K2EX and Amethyst If you’ve used K2EX in the past, Amethyst should be a piece of cake for you. We took in the feedback of every K2EX user and took it into consideration when designing the user experience. If you’re a new user, we hope it can be just as simple with all the new onboarding and in-app instructions.

Functionality-wise, Amethyst works similarly to K2EX. It does try to automate as many things as possible, and it tries hold your hand when possible.

The biggest changes are in stability and features. Amethyst adds support for things like owoTrack, external tracker based flip, new orientation modes for Xbox One Kinect users. (Finally! 🥳) and the ability to spawn a lot more trackers than the 3 supported in K2EX.

Join the Discord please!

Amethyst may be near ready for release, but we would still prefer if you either join the Discord beforehand, or see it as the first resource to go to the second you run into a problem. We’ve already done a pretty strong job of pointing to the Discord in the installer and the app itself.

For help and bug reports, our Discord is here at:

K2VR Community Discord


Download the latest version of Amethyst Installer now