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How to calibrate

This is about Amethyst calibration!

Calibrating the Amethyst trackers to your VR playspace is separate from in-game full-body tracking calibration in games like VRChat or NeosVR.

For VRChat, either refer to the official documentation or simply, line up the spheres, and press both triggers.

Calibrating Amethyst

After connecting the trackers to SteamVR, and making sure your device’s tracking is in order, click on the Begin Calibration button located in the General page of the app.

This will open a panel for you to choose your calibration mode.

Amethyst comes with two calibration modes, Automatic and Manual. Depending on the device, it is possible that only manual calibration will be available (For example, if calibrating PSMoveServiceEx).

You must wear your VR headset to calibrate

Calibration serves to line up the Amethyst tracking space with that of your VR headset. It’s unrelated to improving the tracking quality from your device. Check this page for more information on improving your tracking quality.

Automatic calibration

This mode involves calculating the offset between the Amethyst and the SteamVR playspaces, based on the alignment of the skeleton tracking’s head bone and your VR headset. Then the calibration points are averaged together to improve the precision of the result.

There is a setting to change the number of calibration points. Note that this is not related to the number of trackers. Instead it defines how many positions are going to be captured to average your alignment from.

Using automatic calibration

If automatic calibration fails

Try again, tracking glitches can cause the captured position to be off from where it should be. Increasing the number of points is helpful to avoid those problems.

Manual calibration

This mode involves lining up the tracking space of Amethyst manually using VR controls. Those controls are shown in the app. Though, they won’t match if you change them via the SteamVR bindings menu.

Manual calibration is not always your friend!

Whenever available, automatic calibration will yield better results in a proper setup. Manual calibration is prone to human error, and should only be used when necessary.

Using manual calibration

About Vive and Index controllers

When using Vive “wand” controllers and Index “knuckle” controllers, the grip and trigger controls’ roles are swapped to make fine-tuning and confirming easier.