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Just open the Microsoft Store and install it like any other app. On the first launch, you will be guided through the setup to install all of the dependencies needed to run the app. Important! Amethyst will ask you to restart as Administrator only the first time you start it.

How to fix SteamVR or VRPathReg Not Found error

This error happens usually because of a broken openvrpaths.vrpath file, or because you have a Windows user account without administrator permissions.

If you have administrator permissions
  • Make sure that SteamVR is closed.
  • Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog.
  • Paste or type in %localappdata%\openvr and press Enter .
  • In the file explorer window, delete the only file present.
  • Start and close SteamVR once to generate a new file.
  • Open the installer again.
If you are not the administrator on this PC
  • Log out of your current user account.
  • Log in to the account that has administrator privileges.
  • Run Amethyst Installer there, installing as normal. (The installation is not user-dependent.)
  • Log back into your user account and Amethyst should be installed and available from the Start Menu.

The installer checks for updates on start but you can ignore them, so if you have an older installer version (excluding K2EX Installer) you can run that instead of redownloading it.

Installing manually (Don’t do this)

Alternatively, you can download Amethyst from the releases on GitHub and extract the ZIP to any folder you wish. We recommend using the installer because it will automatically setup drivers for your Kinect sensor if you have it plugged in.

Once you have Amethyst up and running, you will need to register its SteamVR driver either by running Amethyst Recovery (In the K2CrashHandler folder) or going to the bottom of options and clicking re-register SteamVR Driver.