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Setting up the Amethyst OSC plugin for Quest


Webcam and PS4 Camera are not supported!

Amethyst is for Kinect tracking mostly. We do not have support for 2D cameras. And most likely, never will.

As long as your computer runs an up-to-date version of Windows 10 or 11, and was built in the last decade, you’re most likely good to go. We recommend taking a look at the USB Controllers section in Amethyst Installer, you should have at least one compatible controller to have a good experience.

As well, you need to have some kind of compatible hardware. Like Xbox 360 Kinect, Xbox One Kinect or a complete PlayStation Move + PS3 Eye setup in PSMoveServiceEx.

Part 1: Wi-Fi is not internet!

Your internet speed does not matter!

The speed of your internet connection, what allows you to visit websites and play online games, does not matter. In fact, you could have the old 90s dial-up internet with the funny modem sounds and it wouldn’t matter.

Because OSC goes over the network, you need to make sure your Quest is connected to the same local network as your PC.

This part only really applies if you have two Wi-Fi routers. You would probably know if you have two of those.

If your PC is connected to the router with a cable, then make sure the Quest is connected to the Wi-Fi network that router is on.

If you’re using a Wi-Fi adapter on your PC, or using a laptop, make sure the PC and the Quest are on the same Wi-Fi network.

If you get nothing on the Quest after connecting OSC trackers

This isn’t guaranteed to work, but sometimes, you will have separate Wi-Fi networks for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. And some routers will only show devices on the 2.4GHz network to devices connected with a cable. So, try connecting to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi specifically if they are separate. Though 5GHz is preferable.

Quick Settings in the Quest main menu

Wi-Fi in the Quest quick settings

This is what other devices in your house see the Quest as and you will need to enter it in Amethyst, so keep note of it.

Part 2: Setting up VRChat

It’s easy to forget this step, and then spend 20 minutes wondering why it’s not working. so make sure to do it now instead of later.

You are now ready to receive OSC Tracker data!

Part 3: Installing Amethyst and the plugin

Install Amethyst using the button below:

In the setup, select the OSC Trackers option.

Part 4: Final setup

You now have VRChat ready to accept OSC input, and Amethyst ready to send OSC to the Quest.

See the Improve tracking page for tips to get the best tracking out of your Kinect.

Enjoy FBT on Quest!!!!

Part 4B: What to do the next time around

Mirrored trackers

If the tracker movement is mirrored in VRChat compared to what you’re doing. Click the auto-center button again.